In 1998, a support group (the “Latino Parents Trust”) identified the need for a Latino Family Resource Center in Snohomish County. They imagined a place where families could get help and information about situations that uniquely impact the Latino community in their own language. They wanted a place where they could feel welcome and at home, a place where other Latinos would be willing and able to answer their most pressing questions. It was especially important for the parents of this group to have the center staff by bilingual, bi-cultural individuals. They wanted staff to truly understand the issues facing Latinos and recent immigrants.

In 2000, their dream was realized with the creation of Familias Unidas: Latino Family Resource Center. Familias Unidas began serving Latino families by providing information and referral to community resources and hosting a variety of classes and cultural events.

Although Familias Unidas has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2000, its commitment to education, empowerment, and building community within the Latino community remains the same.


We provide linguistically- and culturally-appropriate services including: referral to community resources, parent advocacy classes, English classes, support groups, youth activities, and citizenship classes. Familias Unidas works with its sister center, the Everett Family Support Center, to strengthen the community through education, outreach and assistance programs.

Familias Unidas is a part of a larger initiative by Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW) with roots in the Family Support Movement of the mid-1970s. This movement sought to build strong communities, fill gaps in programs, services and support and ensure under served communities and populations have access to those services.